Step by Step

Business Growth Advisory

For 2X Cash Flow and Profit


Our Mission:

We enable performance, profit and purpose

Your Benefits

The Percy Group is a bespoke business growth advisory firm that helps high performing 

entrepreneurs navigate chaos, build better businesses and 2X cash flow / profit.

Our goal is to help you achieve significantly improved performance and financial results, so you can fulfil your personal purpose of more freedom, opportunity and a rich, full life. 

Our Differences

#1. REAL WORLD - Our CEO has led multiple global companies to profitability during his C-level executive career.

#2. SYSTEM - We use a step by step system proven to increase cashflow and profit.

#3. GUARANTEE - We offer an unconditional, no risk, money back guarantee.

#4. TOOL KIT - We teach you  proven strategies, tips, tools, & techniques that we have personally implemented and know get results.

Our Offer To You

If we offer to 2X your cash flow or profit in the next 12 months, with minimal investment and while saving you time, would you take us up on that offer?

If so, let talk.

Our Founder and CEO has successfully lead multiple companies in his career and created significant increases in shareholder value, and now takes what worked in his world into your world.


“As a business advisor and mentor, Eamonn’s incredible clarity of thought, high-level thinking, and uncanny ability to drill down to the key issues, has helped me focus and concentrate on what matters most in my business. He has been inspirational and motivational to me in times of business challenges, and on the personal level we ‘just click’. By seeing through my waffle and asking the right questions, Eamonn’s no-nonsense approach has enabled me to come to more enlightened and informed decisions, and he has been an enormous asset to me…. both personally and professionally.”

Founder and CEO, Global SAAS Company

How We Help
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Team Talk
Industry Sectors We Have Served

 Commercial Equipment Manufacturing

 Enterprise Software

 Electronics Recycling

 SAAS Solutions

 Electrical Utility Engineering

 Electrical Equipment OEM

 Clean Technology

 Millwork Solutions

 Global Logistics

 Logistics / Fleet Management

 Consumer Home Products

 Metal Recycling

 Real Estate Acquisitions

 Power Systems Analysis


 Clean Energy

 Advanced Transportation

 Automotive Manufacturing

 Fibre Optic Components

 Advanced Technical Education

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