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Proven System = Proven Results

We offer business advisory services for high performing entrepreneurs of growing companies based upon a 5 step process, proven to double cash flow and EBITDA.

Our process starts with a strategic planning session. We then help you establish a small number of focused quarterly priorities and then work with you to ensure the necessary actions are accomplished to achieve those priorities.

 Our goal is to ensure we help you make a significant and measurable improvement to your business, so you can significantly increase both the quality and impact in all aspects of your life.

Private and Premium Coaching

Private 1:1 Coaching Program

One-on-one  business coaching by our Principal which includes a facilitated annual strategy session, unlimited email/phone support, quarterly priority setting/reviews and monthly check ins ($4,999 per month with a minimum 6 month commitment).

Premium 1:1 Coaching Program

A monthly membership which includes: an initial business assessment, monthly exclusive 1/2 hour zoom call with Eamonn, quarterly priority setting/reviews, and a private coaching thread with Eamonn ($899 per month).


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Associate 1:1 Coaching Program

One-on-one business coaching by a qualified Percy Group coach, which includes an annual strategy session, quarterly priority setting/reviews and monthly check with a minimum 6 month commitment. (Call for more info.)


Projects (Strategy + VIP Days)

If you are faced with a specific, strategic and significant business problem or opportunity which is either an obstacle to your growth OR an enabler for your transformation and you want help fast, then a VIP day is just for you.

Eamonn will work directly with you and your team at either on Zoom, at your office or at the beautiful Vancouver Club and give you his full, exclusive and undivided attention to solve your Very Important Problem.

The half day workshop ($5,000) and the full day workshop ($10,000) include Eamonn's dedicated focus to your VIP with no interruptions and a practical, valuable solution is guaranteed. Great for strategy sessions as well!


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We also offer highly qualified sub-contractor support for specific, high impact projects such as working capital reduction,  Lean manufacturing, Operational improvement, capacity expansion, etc. Call for more information.

Partnership Program

How To Only Pay For Results

For select engagements, we work on a pay-for-performance, risk-free, results-based, success fee approach where you only pay us a portion of the increased value we produce.

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How To Engage Us

We provide options and flexibility for our clients to engage us in ways that meet their needs and drive value.  These options include; equity arrangements, contingency fees, monthly retainers and project fees. 

We Stand Behind Our Work

We have confidence in our ability to create value and stand behind our work with a meaningful guarantee.  If after one month of working together you are not fully satisfied, we will return 100% of your money with no questions asked, and work the next three months for free.



Our approach drives value to increase cash flow and EBITDA 2X - 5X



An irrational belief and commitment to your purpose, self and business and customers. 

This step includes an initial discovery meeting, completion of Chaos to ORDER assessment heatmap and in-depth discussion/review of opportunity areas.



A clear, transparent and objective view of the way the world is, not the way you think it should be. This step includes the completion of a personal and company assessment using standardised tools.



Overall goal that determines strategy / plans, and provides people with a clear path forward.

This step includes a one day strategy session using a standard strategy tool and direction to complete a business / implementation plan and communication to all staff.



Relentless actions by all people, with all resources to achieve near term goals and value.

This step includes quarterly priority setting and monthly progress check ins on critical path items, and intervention on high stakes events and decisions.



Outcome resulting from the achievement of more order in the business, leadership and finances.

This step includes quarterly analysis, review of progress against the plan and the renewal of actions to ensure goal achievement.

The Chaos to ORDER method has been consistently proven to deliver significant leadership, operational and financial results over many different industries and stages of business growth.

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Fast Consult

We understand that our coaching programs are not for everyone.  Sometimes you have a specific problem and need a fast, brief and focussed consult. So we offer an hourly rate for just such cases through Clarity.

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