Eamonn Percy, B. Eng (Electrical), MBA (Finance)

Founder and CEO

Business Growth Strategist, Problem Solver, Global Executive, Speaker, Author

My purpose and passion are helping business owners and executives achieve more performance, profit, and purpose, so they can create more abundance for those whom they care most.

I came to Canada as an immigrant child and went to 7 different schools before graduating from high school as a C student. Two years later, while working as a stock boy, I had a near-death accident which was a turning point in my life. I then proceeded through 5 different post-secondary institutions before graduating with an EE degree (Lakehead University) and an MBA (University of Toronto - Rotman) in finance. Within 7 years I worked my way up from a production line supervisor to leading my first company. I then worked in several C-level roles with global companies, before starting my own business coaching & teaching other executives what I learned.

In 2017, I documented my journey and the habits that took me from the stock room to the board room in my first book, The 1% Solution: How Small Daily Improvements Produce Massive Long-term Results.

One of the ways I help others is through a business advisory company I run which helps high-potential executives navigate the chaos of our complex world. We do so through coaching and training, using a proven 5 step process (ORDER).  This process takes the proven tips, tactics and techniques I used to successfully transform companies as a C-level executive in the corporate world and can be applied to create significant value in your world.

I am also a regular media commentator, columnist, speaker and author on the subjects of business growth, economics and leadership.

The Percy Group is focused on advising companies facing strategic, financial and operational hurdles, while under transition, serving global markets and poised for growth. We bring them the expertise they need to quickly set priorities, solve their problems and meet their potential.

We work exclusively through referral and most clients enjoy a 5X ROI on their investment in the first year of working with us.​

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10 Ways to Make Your Cash Flow

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Gaining a 2-5X improvement in cash flow and EBITDA can be an uphill battle, but it is critical for the longterm success of your business.  

Learn how to:

> Decrease working capital to free up cash.

>Effectively measure cash flow.

> Understand the levers that drive cash flow.

and many more specific techniques.


Read my free Ebook to learn how to increase cash flow and transform your business.


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