Courage - The Antidote To Fear

An high performing entrepreneur, seriously focused on growing their business will be in a regular state of fear and anxiety as they grow their business by facing bigger and bolder obstacles.

The goal is not to try to reduce the sense of fear, which is necessary to take bigger risks, but to overcome it.

When people say "Be Fearless" they are giving terrible advice. What you need to hear is "Feel the fear and be courageous!"

What is required is more courage - not less fear!

Courage is the antidote to fear!

How do you become more courageous?

PRACTICE: Do one thing each day that makes you afraid, even if it is small. By practicing courage daily we exercise our courage muscle both mentally and spiritually.

ENVIRONMENT: Put yourself in environments that promote courage and discourage fear. This could include the people you associate with, your community, friends and family. Don't look for solace from those that want you to shrink, rather seek encouragement from those that want you to expand.

EXPAND YOUR COMFORT ZONE: Start doing the things that move you significantly outside your comfort zone, such as public speaking, or rigour physical sports, or cold calling prospects.

By focusing on building courage, you will naturally build the fortitude necessary to overcome any obstacle that stands between you and great success!

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