To Create More Success in Your Life, Business and Relationships - Learn How to Effectively Sell!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

“Remember, people don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” | Zig Ziglar

Every single person needs to know how to sell. If you doubt me, consider the following situations:

The child wants cookies, so she needs to sell her parents and convince them to give her cookies. The sales pitch is usually pointing at the cookie jar, screaming to get attention (constant promotion) and not stopping until she gets the cookie (closing)!

A young man is interested in a young woman and he needs to sell her on dating him. The sales pitch is him listing the benefits she’d receive by dating him (promotes the benefits, not the features), as he showers her with attention and demonstrates how he is unique, relative to the competition (unique selling proposition).

A student decides to go to art school rather than engineering school and needs to sell his parents on the merits of funding his university experience. The sales pitch is finding their pain point (not wanting an uneducated kid living at home requiring constant care and attention), proposing a solution (schooling) and the parents agreeing to fund tuition (the close).

Learning how to sell your ideas to other people is a fundamental skill that’s critical to personal and professional success. People who strive to achieve extraordinary levels of success must learn to sell their ideas with passion, vigor and confidence in order to gain cooperation. The result will be that people will help us achieve our big goals and, in the process, help themselves.

The 10 critical steps necessary to effective selling are:

1. Sell yourself first so you are committed to your product or service.

2. Focus on solving a problem or relieving a pain.

3. Focus on helping create value, save time, reduce risk or make money.

4. Build rapport and trust. People buy from people they like.

5. Find the emotional reason people will buy, justified with logic.

6. Practice handling objections.

7. A.B.C. (Always Be Closing).

8. Learn how to handle rejection and never take no for an answer.

9. Use a system that supports your sales effort.

10. Never quit.

By Eamonn Percy

Founder & CEO, The Percy Group

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