Updated: Jan 7, 2020

“Don't be fooled by the many books on complexity or by the many complex and arcane algorithms you find in this book or elsewhere. Although there are no textbooks on simplicity, simple systems work and complex don't.”― Jim Gray

My long-time subscribers and followers know I am a big believer in the power of systems to accelerate the growth of a business. If you would like to know more, read my article in the Globe and Mail from October of last year.

This obsession was formed when I started my career in large corporations, and realized that big companies are created by doing a few things of value, over and over, and very well! The systems are focused on taking the minimal amount of resources (effort, money and time) to focus on creating the maximum amount of value for the customer, at the lowest cost. In order to keep the system humming along, it requires regular review and inspection, to ensure it is shock proof and meets expectations.

This idea of "inspect what you expect" stuck with my entire career and I thought, if it works well in a company of many people, it should work just as well for one person. So I adopted the idea and created a daily, personal performance improvement system, based on simply inspecting what I do each day! I thought I would share this with my subscribers, since it has worked very well for me, and may be something that works for you.

I developed a Creed of 24 Principles that I live by in order to help me move forward and achieve my goals. At the end of each day, I read through the list and put a check mark beside the principles I followed that day, and a black mark beside the ones I failed to follow that day. The idea is to inspect my behavior each day, and then make minor adjustments, so I can course correct rapidly, and fix small problems before they become big ones.

This week, I am sharing with you the first 12 of the 24 Principles, and next week I will share the other 12. I hope you find it helpful and feel free to connect with me if you have any comments or questions!

Abundance: I will reset my mind to focus on attracting and keeping abundance.

Think Big: I will expand my thinking to the biggest opportunity.

Action I will focus on action, action, action – not analysis.

Best Effort Each day, I will give the best effort to all my tasks.

Law of Attraction I will use the law of attraction to achieve my goals.

Affirmation Each day I will read my affirmation statement 3 times.

Visualize I will visualize my future state until it becomes my current state.

Experts I will only seek guidance from those 10X more successful.

Boldness/Courage Each day I will do something that I fear.

Master Mind I will only talk plans with people in harmony with my goals.

Organized I will make a written schedule of my day, the night before, and stick to it.

Dedicated I will do at least one task each day that I have been putting off.

Confident I will feel excellent about myself, capabilities and prospects.

To be continued .....

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