Terms and Conditions – Coaching Programs


Our Coaching Programs are designed for business owners striving for maximum growth and profitability, in order to fulfil their personal passions for more freedom, more opportunity and a full, rich life.

In order to set expectations, maintain clarity and assist us in delivering the best value possible, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions (Terms):


The first months payment is required in order to complete you application to the Programs and does not guarantee acceptance. Upon receipt of your initial payment, you will be contacted within 3 business days for a review of your application and fit assessment discussion. Upon successful approval of your application, you will be accepted into the Program. If you application is not approved, you will receive a full refund of your deposit within 3 business days.  


Scope of Services Provided

Your enrollment in the Business Coaching Programs (Programs) as a participant (Participant) entitles you to access the Program, services (Services) and content as provided by The Ain Group Holdings Ltd. (Advisor) (doing business as The Percy Group) for a Program fee (Fee) as described in this Agreement. 


These services are noted on the Program description on our website.

Qualifying Requirements

The Participant confirms that it has achieved a minimum, annual, average business revenue of at least $1M (Cdn) over the last three years and is willing to provide supporting documentation to verify the revenue level.


Service Fee

The Participant agrees to pay a Program Fee of $1,500 (plus GST and net of any discount) for the Premium Coaching Program and $7,500 per month (plus GST) for the Private Coaching Program.


Participant Responsibility

The Participant understands and agrees that the Services are provided on a best-effort basis, and successful outcomes require a cooperative, collaborative approach between the Participant and the Advisor. The Participant also understands and agrees, that while the Advisor plays an important role in the facilitator of change, it is the Participant's ultimate, full and complete responsibility to enact or bring about change. In addition, the Participant agrees that all of their decisions, and the consequences of those decisions, are entirely their own responsibility.


Limited Liability

The Participant agrees that total liability from any claim shall be limited to the amount of fees, less taxes and expenses, paid and received by the Advisor in satisfaction of the Fee rendered in pursuant to the Services provided in the Program. The Participant agrees not to bring any proceedings in any court of any jurisdiction, advancing any claim against our professional staff and employees. Further, any claim shall absolutely cease to exist after a period of one year from the termination of Services of the Program in this Agreement.


The Participant expressly agrees that any and all claims known to arise out of our Services under this Engagement vest exclusively with the Participant and the Participant agrees to wholly indemnify and hold harmless the Advisor (The Ain Group Holdings Ltd), its principal, owner and its professional staff from any and all claims that may be brought against the Advisor or its professional staff or employees, by any shareholder, director, or officer of the Participant in any way arising out of or connected to our Services provided.


Other Advisor Rights

The Advisor maintains the right to reschedule the workshop dates, venue and substitute coaches, if deemed necessary and cancel the Program if there are insufficient participants for the scheduled dates.  The Advisor maintains the right to decline or terminate your participation in the Program for any reason, at any time, and to provide the Participant with a pro-rata refund of the Fee received.


Privacy and Confidential Information

The Advisor agrees that any information received by the Participant during the execution of Services in accordance with this Agreement, which concerns the personal, financial or other affairs of the Participant will be treated by the Advisor in full confidence and will not be revealed to any other persons, firms or organizations, in any form.


It is also important to note that in some situations, the use of technology poses some risk (use of the internet, mobile phones and cordless phones) and that the Advisor maintains the appropriate measures to ensure a high level of security and privacy Is maintained. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy at http://www.percygroup.ca/privacy-policy. The Participant is encouraged to take similar appropriate precautions with its staff, internal processes and communications infrastructure, to ensure personal and business information is kept private, secure and confidential.


The Participant agrees to keep confidential, and not share, any and all private and confidential information of any and all other Participants in the Program.


Intellectual Property

The Participant agrees that all the contents of the Program (including but not limited to resources, materials, tools, methodology, know-how, concepts, framework, methods, techniques, systems, designs) are intellectual property (Intellectual Property) of the Advisor and all rights are reserved. 


The Participant shall not use or distribute this Intellectual Property other than for the Participant’s personal use within the Program to improve their business operations and will not use it for commercial gain for any other purpose.


The Participant agrees that no part of the Intellectual Property may be copied, distributed, transmitted, shared or stored by any process, electronic or otherwise, without the express written permission of the Advisor.

The Participant agrees that no recording (whether sound, video, photography or otherwise) is allowed during the workshop or online calls without the express written approval from the Advisor.


Money Back Performance Guarantee

This Agreement can be terminated by the Participant at any time and for any reason within the first one month of the Program, at no charge to the Participant, and the Fee for the first month of service will be returned with no questions asked. After one month, the Agreement will then continue on a month by month basis.