The 100 Daily Habits Necessary To Persevere and Achieve Your Lifetime Goals

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The 1% Solution solves one of life's biggest problems; how to overcome a lifetime of obstacles fast enough in order to make a significant impact in the limited time we have or, more precisely, how to become a 20-year overnight success!

Inside each one of us are big goals and lofty dreams. We aspire to be better people so we can live a fulfilling life, help those we care for, make our mark in this world and leave it a little better than we found it. As humans, we strive for more than just living; we strive to make a difference and to inspire others.

However, sometimes we get stuck and find it hard to persevere. Other times we are fearful, since the gap between where we are today and where we hope to be tomorrow looks enormous. This can cause us to give up before we even start or become discouraged in the process.

There is no need to struggle by yourself. The 1% Solution offers a simple and easy-to-follow solution that will not let you down. It shows you how to use the compounding power of good habits to overcome setbacks and to persevere, by taking a lifetime of daunting effort and breaking it down into bite-sized, daily pieces.

Learn To

> Build the character traits necessary to overcome any obstacle.

> Achieve big, important goals and bounce back from any failure.

> Manage time better so you can be more effective and get more done.

> Become a leader, make decisions and communicate those decisions.

> Get things done and stay motivated during tough times.

> Achieve financial success and leave a legacy to those you care about.

Actions & Habits

13 chapters with a theme of personal growth


100 daily habits for improved self-discipline


102 motivational quotes


77 quote author profiles for more inspiration


13 real life stories showcasing perseverance


60 recommended books on transformation


3 sets of self-reflection questions


100s of specific and actionable tactics to achieve more success, wealth and happiness.

In Praise Of

"I have read more self help and business books over the years than I care to remember.

The 1% Solution is among the best I've ever read. A practical guide to improving oneself that actually makes sense, providing realistic and achievable goals that add up to big change impacting all areas of life.

Truly outstanding book that I strongly recommend to anyone looking to reach the next level!"

- Amazon Customer